Muziris was a thriving port on the Periyar River close to the Arabian Sea. From the time of King Solomon of the Bible, traders from Rome, Greece, Egypt and Persia made their way to this one time bustling port city on the south-west coast of present day India, seeking the exquisite spices that the region was famous for. Trade however was not their sole concern. There was considerable amount of knowledge exchange and cultural give and take. Emperor Augustus even had a temple built here according to the ancient Italian traveler Plini. The quest for knowledge that started

with Aryabhatta eventually grew into the Kerala School of Astronomy and Mathematics. In 1341 a devastating flood wiped out this once sprawling port city. The river mouth got blocked with debris, forcing the river waters to find a new opening, which is where the present day port of Cochin is located. Cochin grew in prominence as the years passed, and came to be occupied by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. Taking its name from the old port town, Fort Muziris is a cozy home stay that brings back the memories of a hoary past.